Wichita Artists in their studios

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This book is for the artists

The goal is to focus attention on the astounding collection of the daring and dedicated, peaceful and provocative, earnest and flippant, creative heroes that call Wichita home. This book is a beautiful, colorful, permanent tribute to artists in Wichita, a picture book about artists and their studios. The popularity and abundance of books about artist’s studios is astounding. Non-artists, myself included, crave a peek into the spaces - messy or tidy, large or small - where artistry happens. We love to see the tools of the artist, works in progress and even the paint-smeared smock on a hook inside the door. This book gives us an entry into the spaces where creative ideas are born and nurtured and brought to life. Larry Schwarm is a talented and intuitive photographer who worked hard at capturing the individual character of the subjects. Together the author and photographer personally visited every artist at least once. We marveled at the variety of studios tucked into basements, garages, free-standing buildings and even an old former church. Without exception, the artists shared their time and some of their aspirations with us. We thank these artists for their openness and generosity. We hope this book gives them pleasure. Sondra Langel


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Sondra Langel

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Larry Schwarm


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Buy the Book! Just $39.99 each!

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